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Hilary Whitcomb works in Public Affairs for State Farm, and transferred to the Operations Center in Bakersfield in 2003. As a single professional in Bakersfield, she was able to buy her first home.

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• Hilary Whitcomb relocated from Northern California when State Farm consolidated operations to its Bakersfield location. Hilary works in Public Affairs and handles legislative, community and media relations.

• “Bakersfield was a much bigger place than I thought it was.”

• “It’s a very friendly, close-knit community. When I was out to dinner after a day of house hunting, three servers came over to tell me about the neighborhoods, which ones they recommend…that would never happen in the Bay Area.”

• “The housing market is hot right now. It only took me four days to find my house, and for a single woman my age to be working in the department I want, and to be able to buy a brand new house- it doesn’t get any better than this!”

• “When I bought my house, my neighbors came over to meet me…That was great!”

• “There’s a common decency here. Even though it’s a community of almost half a million people, there’s still a small town feel to Bakersfield.”

• “I would be happy to live in Bakersfield forever.”

• “All the culture of L.A. is only two hours away and I regularly attend various events there.”

• “I use Meadows Field Airport to travel for media training and other seminars at our corporate headquarters in Bloomington, IL”

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“Close up of Hilary during the meeting at State Farm”

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“A portrait of Hilary in front of her new house captures the pride of a new homeowner.”

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“Hilary boards a plane at Meadows Field Airport for a trip to State Farm headquarters.”

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“Close up of Hilary’s co-worker, Reggie”

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“Hilary and her co-workers review marketing materials for an upcoming presentation.”

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“Close up of Hilary’s co-worker, Tim”

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