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Glenda Hayward used to spend 2.5 hours commuting to and from work every day. After moving to Bakersfield from the Bay Area, she has the job of her dreams at the San Joaquin Hospital, and with a 15-minute commute, Glenda is able to spend more time with her son after work. She and her husband even found time to join their church choir!

Copy Points

• Four years ago, Glenda Hayward lived in the Bay Area, Fairfield, CA. Her daily commute grew from 45 minutes each way to 2.5 hrs. each way.

• Certain Fridays, she might spend three to four hours to get home. Every freeway was like a parking lot, and it was jeopardizing Glenda’s family life with her husband and young son.

• Glenda and her husband contacted Adventist Health, which they had worked for in the past. Glenda was initially offered a position in Bakersfield, and worked for about a year and a half before applying for her current position.

• She says her job at San Joaquin Hospital is “a dream job come true.”

• Glenda also works in training shift leaders, mentors for nurses and care partners.

• Glenda’s husband, Gordon, subsequently secured a position at San Joaquin Hospital.

• “We feel like we’ve come home when it comes to our professional life.”

• They’re not far from where their son goes to school, so they can go from home to school to work and back in 15 minutes instead of enduring a 2.5 hour commute.

• “We got our life back when we moved to Bakersfield. I can relax again, I can sleep at night, we get home early enough for our son to play before starting homework.”

• “My husband sings in a choir and I play the flute.”

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“Glenda oversees staff during a CPR training session.”

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“Glenda supervises a nurse using a laptop during a patient visit.”

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“Glenda and a new nurse discuss upcoming training programs.”

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“A portrait of Glenda on the hospital floor.”

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“San Joaquin staff member checks up on a patient.”

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