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Bakersfield offers abundant friendliness and a wealth of activities. Tom and Neta Archambault think it’s the perfect retirement community. They have a more active social life than ever before.

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• After spending 31 years in the Bay Area, Tom and Neta Archambault bought a three-bedroom home in The Greens, a retirement community within Seven Oaks.

• Tom discovered Bakersfield on the internet while researching retirement communities in many other areas including Arizona, Northern California and Nevada.

• They fell in love with Bakersfield after visiting, and seeing how much value you could get for your investment. Unlike homes they had visited in Arizona where every amenity was “an option”, they could get their home in Bakersfield with many upgrades included. At The Greens, after Neta kept asking the realtor, “Is that an option?” the realtor said, “Where have you been looking!?”

• They don’t have relatives in Bakersfield and if it hadn’t been for the overwhelming friendlinessof the community, the move might have been more intimidating.

• Travel is a big part of their lives: they go to L.A. at least six times per year to see theater. The Greens has many bus trips available, and holds at least two parties per month.

• They are surprised by all the culture and entertainment available within Bakersfield. From the great performances of the Bakersfield Symphony, to the modern paintings at the Bakersfield Museum of Art, there are continually new experiences to discover.

• They have more friends and a more active social life than ever before. Neta is co-chair of The Greens Welcoming Committee. Once a month, they have a reception to meet new neighbors.

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“Tom and Neta are proud of their blossoming backyard.”

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“The Greens development had all the amenities that Tom and Neta were looking for.”

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“There is a terrific sense of community and friendliness among neighbors in Bakersfield.”

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“Tom and Neta enjoy a Sunday afternoon at the Bakersfield Museum of Art.”

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“A close-up shot of Tom and Neta discussing one of the paintings.”

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“Another visitor contemplates one of the museum’s contemporary pieces.”

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