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The Lermas, a professional couple with kids, represents one of the key demographics shaping the future growth of Bakersfield. The Lermas are featured in a print ad for the Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce.

Print Ad Copy:

Headline: Once you get here, you’re gonna love it.

Copy: Unlike so much of California, Bakersfield still works. Kids are safe, families watch out for each other. Come visit our small town with a big heart. Eat a Basque dinner. Run the rapids on the Kern River. Play a round at our world-class golf courses. Find the affordable house of your dreams. Live your California dream.

Quote: “Ron and I had both gone away to school, met on a Spring Break, married and started our family and business in Costa Mesa. Ten years and three kids later, we felt that our lives just weren’t working. That’s when we came home to Bakersfield. We rediscovered our childhood friends, made some new ones from all over the world, found a wonderful craftsman-style home near downtown, renovated it ourselves and, what can I say, life just works here.” – Nancy Lerma

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