Toolkit Contents


Toolkit Contents

Birth of a Brand

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Birth of a Brand

How to Use this Toolkit

Marketing Thrusts
This PowerPoint presentation provides a background of our brand development and outlines the brand strategy for Bakersfield. [click link to download directly to hard drive]

Logo and Tagline
Our new logo and slogan for Bakersfield is available in various file formats suitable for print purposes as well as web use. [click link to download directly to hard drive]

Brochure Cover
The design is based on a prototype print piece, “Colonel Baker’s Field Journal”, which demonstrates how our brand strategy could be implemented in print collateral.

Letter from Colonel Baker
This fictitious welcome letter from Colonel Baker would be the introduction to the “Field Journal”, but could also be incorporated within your own marketing materials. [click link to download directly to hard drive]

Print Ad   -   HiRes      LowRes
The Vision 2020 Image Committee has produced a print ad
[click link to HiRes or LowRes to download directly to hard drive]

Style Guide
The style guide provides concise instruction on how to properly use our logo within your own marketing materials.

Success Stories
This collection of images and copy points was compiled from interviews with a diverse group of community members who have experienced life in Bakersfield. Our intention is that each of these unique “success stories” will begin to paint a picture of “Life As It Should Be.”

Bakersfield Photo Collection
This collection contains more generalized images consisting of Bakersfield and Kern County landscapes, activities and attractions. If your marketing materials call for less specific imagery and copy points than what’s available in Photo Collection I, please refer to this collection for a more broad scope of material.

Order Form
Click here to place an order for a disk containing the Bakersfield Marketing Toolkit and Photo Collections.