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After Bill Bolthouse Sr. moved his farm from Michigan to the Central Valley for the ideal, year-round harvesting conditions, Bolthouse Farms grew to become one of the world’s pre-eminent suppliers of fresh-cut carrots, one of the many products that Bakersfield’s abundant landscape provides.

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• Bolthouse Farms is a fourth generation family farm that began commercial farming in Michigan in 1915.

• Today, Bolthouse Farms is one of the world’s largest suppliers of fresh cut carrots.

• Bill Bolthouse Sr. was the “Henry Ford” of carrots.

• Bill had a vision in the 1960s, as chain grocers were developing their scope and reach into American lives. He believed if you could supply carrots year round, you could market better to those chain stores and deliver a higher quality product to consumers.

• Bill began traveling the country: Texas, Florida, Georgia, California, Arizona, looking for a place to grow carrots year round. At the time, Bolthouse Farms was already the largest carrot shipper in the U.S.

• He moved the operation to Bakersfield in 1972, essentially “betting the farm” that Bakersfield and the SoCal region would be the most ideal environment to grow carrots year round. At the time, it was considered a huge risk.

• The cut-and-peel mini carrot (invented in 1992) is a direct result of year round harvesting and has revolutionized the carrot industry in the U.S.

• Between their fields in Bakersfield, Lancaster and San Diego, Bolthouse Farms is able to harvest every day, and therefore has no inventory of stored carrots.

• Year-round harvesting also creates year-round jobs and a high-quality labor pool.

• It’s not hard to recruit highly-educated people to Bakersfield. Bolthouse just hired a Marketing Director who was previously at E. & J. Gallo Winery. Living in Bakersfield gives you 90% of the California lifestyle for about 70 percent of the cost.

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“Baby carrots being sorted by hand.”

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“Close up of employees sorting baby carrots.”

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“Baby carrots are packaged and boxed for destinations nationally and worldwide.”

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“A forklift of boxes being loaded on a truck.”

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“A forklift with bulk packaged baby carrots is loaded on a truck.”

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“A customer at a local grocer picks out a bag of carrots.”

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“A close up of the customer as she examines the carrots.”

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“Bolthouse Farms juice products line the grocer’s shelf.”


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“The Bolthouse juice selection seems endless!”


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